Fellowship Educational Conferences

NICU Resident Educational Lecture

This is a small group resident lecture given by the fellows and staff 3 mornings a week in the NICU before rounds. It covers basic topics geared toward resident level learning and encourages interaction.


NICU Weekly Review

This conference occurs 2-3 times per month and will be led by a fellow on service or recently on service and will be case based. The goal of this conference will be to discuss a topic related to management or care of a patient currently or recently in the unit. The fellow will select patients for discussion and will moderate the conference with the intention of fostering high-quality discussion; he/she will be assisted in the discussion/organization by the attending caring for the patient being discussed. It involves investigating a clinical question by discussion with peers and staff, review of the literature and presentation of findings. These conferences are attended by fellows, staff, NNPs, any subspecialists involved in the case. This is typically an informal discussion and review of the literature led by the fellow and results in input from participants.


Physiology Curriculum

This conference occurs twice per month and is led by neonatology staff and occasional subspecialty attendings. It covers basic physiology topics and recurs each year with the goal of all fellows seeing all lectures. It is presented as traditional lectures and flipped classroom discussions depending on the topic and presenter.


Clinical Controversy

This conference is an opportunity for fellows to pick a controversial topic within neonatology and conduct an in depth review the background and current literature. They have the opportunity to investigate fully all sides of the controversy with the goal of coming to a conclusion for themselves on how they will handle these controversial topics in their own practice. Each fellow will present one clinical controversy per year.


Fellow Board Review

The fellows will receive board review longitudinally through the physiology curriculum, research conferences and weekly review. In addition, the fellows are given 1 hour per month as scheduled board review time for them to meet together (or separately depending on fellow desire) to independently review for boards in the manner that they learn best.


Clinic Training Curriculum

This 1-hour long conference that occurs monthly covers major topics related to NICU follow-up clinic. Lectures are given by the clinic attendings and visiting speakers from the community.


Fellow Research Curriculum

This 1-hour long conference is held monthly and includes topics that cover basic research topics in addition to presentations by the fellows on their research projects at intervals throughout the year to update the division on their work. Presentations will be given by NICU staff, visiting speakers from the library, and statistics lectures by individuals in our pediatric research group.


Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality

This monthly multidisciplinary conference reviews morbidity and mortality cases from the previous month. The fellow will present a clinical summary and then lead a discussion about factors contributing to the morbidity and/or mortality in the case along with a literature review and areas for improvement in our system. Participation includes the neonatology faculty and fellows, as well as faculty in perinatology, pathology, genetics, and other disciplines as applicable.


Journal Club

This monthly conference involves a fellow presentation of an article of their choosing. The fellow is partnered with an attending as a mentor and will also work with individuals from our pediatric research group to assist with analysis of statistics. The fellow will discuss the article’s study design, statistical analysis and strengths and weaknesses.


Fetal Board Conference

This conference is held monthly and is run by the MFM faculty, and includes multidisciplinary discussion of abnormal fetal ultrasound findings of current patients they are following. Participants include neonatology faculty and fellows, geneticists, pediatric surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, and pathologists.